… Perth? Where’s that?

So… Here I am sitting in my hotel room in central Perth thinking that I should write up a post on this… Well here it is!

Basically I’ve ended up in Perth for almost 3 weeks to support the local site. Its currently being run by two blokes who are doing 12 hour shifts covering every day of the week to support a 24/7 airport and are basically killing themselves in the process. So in I come, the knight in shining armour if you so wish, or the paper jam king to do his job in some other airport.

I’m hopefully going to get some time off while I’m over here to explore, I’ve got some plans already on what I want to see and I’ve brought my big camera on the journey over with me so hopefully lots of chances to get photos. On which note since I’m sitting in Perth (which for those unaware is the capital of WA, the western state of Australia) I’ve got a beautiful spot to view the sunset across the indian ocean which I’m hoping to be able to capture at some point.

Anyway when something happens or I get a day off I’ll update the post. As I’m just doing my regular job in another airport though there will probably be nothing popping up until I get that day off.

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