Perth – Beyond the city

For my first major outing in Perth I decided against exploring the city and that I would leave this for today (bad idea as I’m feeling crook but oh well another day then). For my journey I grabbed my little hire car and headed out to Fremantle, another city to the south of Perth right next to the coast. While commonly considered to be a suburb of Perth its a whole different city.

First stop was the War Memorial on top of Monument Hill for a bit of rememberance and taking in the views that it offers (perfect day for it). Afterwards it was off into Fremantle itself to find the Fremantle markets and the streets that surround it which are famous for their coffee.

My first impressions of this area is that its very much like Melbourne, mainly in the amount of coffee shops and people on the streets and the mixed bag of stores thrown in every where between. After a quick break and a coffee (no photos, couldn’t be bothered to get the camera out though I really should have) I made my way further south to the city of Rockingham to catch a ferry to an island named “Penguin Island” to have a look at… Yup you guessed it penguins.

The island itself is a short 5 minute ferry ride from the mainland, while also accessable by walking across the sand bar the ferry is a far safer / dryer option. Once on the island I checked out the feeding exhibit where they feed their local penguins that are being rehabilitated before release back into the wild. After that there was a nice little walking path around the island (about 2km) which took be through the nesting area’s of the various birds on the island. At the time I went though it was peak season for the Seagulls, bit of a shame as they are such an annoying bird but at least their young were cute. Also discovered while walking around the island was a very relaxed and comfy looking sea lion basking in the sun on one of the beaches.

After getting back from the island I headed to my final location for the day, Lake Clifton to check out an attraction known as thrombolites (basically living formations of stone, I’ve included the info board in the photos) and to watch the sunset over Lake Clifton. Not really much to describe here except it was quite beautiful to watch the sun set like it did.

As usual photos are below. Hopefully I’m feeling a bit better by the afternoon and am able to get out and explore some of Perth. If not its a plan for during the week at some point or next weekend, depending on when I get my days off while working over here.

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