Japan – Kitakyushu

Bit late on these posts as its been a busy few days. A second post will be up shortly for Sapporo but for now its time to cover Kitakyushu.

So we eventually arrived in Kitakyushu, its at the most northern tip of the island of Kyushu (hence the name, kita meaning north). Its mostly an industrial town but since my friend lives and works here now we stopped by to see how life is for him. Overall there isn’t much to see/do in the town itself besides Kokura Castle, drinking/eating and shopping so that’s pretty much what we did. We also headed out to Moji-ko, a small part of Kitakyushu which links the island of Kyushu to the main island of Honshu. It is famous for its yakicurry, basically the typical Japanese curry but its baked instead in a pot. It’s pretty damn delicious.

While in Kitakyushu I also learned my work schedule, basically I’m to work in Narita only (the actual airport) while staying in the nearby town until the 30th of January. So maybe on the weekends I’ll head into Tokyo otherwise I’ll probably just explore around here and catch up on some sleep.

Note to self, next time get my international drivers license just in case this happens again… Damn that rental car place across the road and its temptations.

Anyway enough blabbering on with the photos. The following are from Moji-ko and Kokura.

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