Taipei – Wrap up

Alright so this is a bit late as Jeju has been keeping me occupied but here it is better late then never. So for the last night in Taipei we headed out for diner, whilst thinking markets we decided to go big or go home. End  result we ended up on the 85th floor of the Taipei 101 tower with a view over looking the city at night. End result? Incredible food, incredible view and average company haha. All in all price wise it was still good value, whilst not as cheap as the rest of Taiwan it was still incredible compared to what we would’ve paid in other cities. As usual I’ve thrown up some photos of it below.

Now for Taiwan itself, the city is incredible. The one thing I can fault it for is there isn’t enough simple casual bars. There’s plenty of restaurants you can drink in but in terms of just a straight bar we couldn’t find too much, then again this problem could’ve been overcome by researching it a bit better but I don’t feel you should need to research where to find a bar if you’re willing to wander. In all other terms though the city is amazing. It’s easy to get around and its incredibly cheap to do so (our huge trip to Tamsui was 55 TWD whilst a short trip to the 101 from The Grand Hotel was 23 TWD). If trains aren’t your cup of tea taxis are also incredibly cheap costing about 200-300TWD to get across the city the only problem being most taxi drivers speak very little to no English.

Hotel wise we kicked back in The Grand Hotel which there were a few photos of previously. The hotel itself is a tourist attraction and the dumpling place inside the hotel is quite delicious but the buffet breakfast isn’t anything spectacular. Overall the rooms are OK and for what we paid expected. Looking into the rooms with a view they are far better but come with a pretty hefty price tag.

Other then that Taiwan is just simply amazing. Whilst ridiculously hot in the summer it would be best to go in the other months for sure but summer is definitely still manageable just don’t plan on walking too much.

Next up Jeju. I’ll do a single post on Jeju from Seoul tomorrow.

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