Taipei – Nearing the end

Quick little post to sum up the last two days and a few words on what happens next as tomorrow we’re off to South Korea to continue the holiday.

So yesterday we went out with the main interest of finding and browsing through the technology markets area (Guang Hua Digital Plaza) to mostly check out the prices and browse. Whilst this was a success we didn’t exactly get any photos from it as there wasn’t anything interesting to get photos of and a write up of what technology I liked wouldn’t be very interesting.

After the tech area we stumbled into an exhibition area, what this place was called I’m not sure except it was near Huashan Culture Park. Whilst cool photography wasn’t allowed in a few of the exhibitions we went into so once again not much to write up about.

In the evening though we did head up north to the coast to a town called Tamsui. Here we enjoyed the old streets night markets which was incredible then caught a ferry up to the edge of the water at a place called Fishermans Wharf which has a cool bridge which gets lit up in all kinds of fancy colours (in the images below).

As for today it was more of a sleep in and relax day with lunch at the original Din Tai Fung building followed by a stroll around the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall grounds, an impressive collection of gardens and monuments/exhibits to one of the most important people in history here.

Tonight will probably be spent exploring one of the night markets we haven’t been to yet so maybe some photos from that to come but that wont be until we are in South Korea as we fly out shortly after midday tomorrow. I’ll do a wrap up on Taiwan soon as well but for now, here are some pictures.

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