Taipei – Its so humid

Alright lets do a recap of whats happened so far first of all. So the trip over here we flew with Korean Air via Incheon (Seoul) as it was the cheapest ticket as we’re still going to South Korea on this trip. From Incheon we had a short blast to Taipei with China Airlines. As for how the airlines were? Korean surprised us with the amount of leg room we had and the food was pretty damn impressive though the drinks service didn’t come around enough that’s for sure. China Airlines on the other hand was pretty much like a domestic flight so not too much leg room and a simple enough meal that tasted good enough.

Now onto Taipei. To put it simply its amazingly cheap here. Food and services that are needed everyday are very very cheap. Think about $1-2 in Australian Dollars for a large drink anywhere and meals not much more if you eat like the locals. Public Transport is about 18 TWD which is close to 60c Australian to get across the town.

In regards to what we got up to today. We headed out to the Taiwan Fine Arts Museum at first and thought we could walk there, turns out the path to walk there wasn’t a straight line and we ended up walking in the heat and humidity for a good 30 minutes (hence the cool down drinks in the photos below). After that we journeyed across town to the Taipei 101 Tower to check out the lookout and see the surrounding shops and memorials. After all that and some occasional bites to eat we moved on back to the local night markets here near the hotel for a quick peek and a bite before passing out.

Tomorrow  we move onto National Palace Museum for a gander then onto one of the more major temples and its adjoining night markets. For now though here are the photos.

Note: I’ll be fixing up the thumbnails on the posts soon. I just need to make sure I set it up right again.

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