Revival – PAX AUS

Well hello there!

Long time no post and there is a reason for this. I haven’t actually traveled any place “new” or where I could escape work to see the city or catch something new so theres been nothing to write about. This will change in the next few months though as I have a few journeys to go on.

Firstly as you may have guessed by the title is PAX here in Australia. For those wondering what the acronym is it stands for Penny Arcade eXpo, basically a giant gaming related expo covering board games, consoles and PCs. It is the first one to be hosted here in Australia so I’m in Melbourne for the event with one of my friends. Over the weekend I’ll post a bit of information on it and some pictures of Melbourne but don’t expect too much as I didn’t bring a camera.

Moving on from Melbourne though on the 5th of August I’ll be off to Taiwan and Korea for 3 weeks during which time I will take my proper camera with me and have constant updates throughout. At the end of October I’ll be off to Germany for two weeks with a possible detour within Europe again so once more photos and posts to come.

Till next time,

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