Perth – Up the coast

Quick post today, not too much happened. Found a few things up the coast but not much to really write up about just some nice scenery from the country side and beaches.

As I mentioned yesterday the general plan was to check out of the hotel today and head up the coast following the water. While it was a very nice drive there wasn’t too much along it in regards to being photo worthy or really visiting worthy besides some fantastic beaches. It would have been nice to go far enough north to the Pinnacles but I would rather do that long of a drive back and forth with someone else and not in a rental car.

So in terms of what I checked out, I dropped into the town of Yanchep and Two Rocks and then northwards to the Gingin Observatory facility (not planned but drove pas the sign and remembered it so figured why not? After that it was a squeeze north to see if I could make it to the Pinnacles or not but decided to play it safe and not go that far and dropped into the town of Lancelin instead to take a break on the beach. Good decision in the end as it was a beautifully warm day and the sun was shining.

And that’s probably it for my trip to Perth in terms of updates and news. If I ever remember I’ll write up a post review of Perth when I get back to Sydney sometime on Friday night. Pictures below as always but not very many this time.

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