Japan – Almost over…

Well the Holiday is now almost over, less then 7 days and I begin working (still no idea on exact destination and how long but it definitely is in Japan). I’m in Kitakyushu now visiting what is my friends home town now and so far its quite nice. I spent quite a bit on clothes today at Uniqlo (didn’t bring any work clothes with me) so now I’m fully prepared!

Anyway not much else to update, we did the more common temples in Kyoto the morning before we left, photos are underneath as always as they are pretty much the main reason for this post!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the photos from Ryoanji Temple are missing a few, in particular the ones from the famous zen stone garden. I still need to re install my panorama program so until that happens the photos wont be up. I’ll add them to a later post.

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